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Dreamcast - Naomi Control Panel

  • This is Pre-Order Product.

    NOTE: There is no Buttons or Joystick Included

    * REDRAWN Official Artwork ( Not Cheap Scan Artwork )

    * UV Offset Print on LEXAN Matte PVC 

    * Supports Dreamcast Official Controller Joystick

    * Custom PCB design for Dreamcast Controller

    * Dreamcast FEMALE Controller Ports Included

    * Wire Harness for 1P and 2P

    * 1.5MM Thick Metal (Steel)

    * Supports Sanwa and Seimitsu Joysticks

    * Supports Sega Cabinets

    Sega Naomi

    Sega Astro City

    Sega New Astro City

    Sega Blast City

    * Supports Konami Cabinets

    Windy I

    Windy II


  • Shipping Carier: DHL, TNT,UPS,FEDEX Express 3-7 Days

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