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"DC Octopus" Encoder PCB Pre-Order

  • DC Octopus is the Best solution for converting your favorite arcade sticks to be compatible with the Dreamcast Console. In order to make it fully compatible and with more advanced features we’ve spent more than a year to develop it. It’s being tested and updated according to the feedbacks taken from professional gamers.


    Its pinout is the same as the PS360 PCB, so you can use this Dreamcast Encoder in majority of the arcade sticks on the market.


    DC Octopus SUPPORTS:

    • VMU ( 10 Different Internal Memory Card )

    • SD Card ( To storage your Save Games and Firmware Update )

    • 4P and 4K buttons

    • Turbo Button

    • Turbo LED

    • Player LEDs ( P1 to P4 )

    • SOCD Remover

    • DP-LS Mode

    • 1.54” OLED Screen ( Completely acting like real VMU screen )

    • RJ45 Output

    • Please check the User Manual PDF File to see all the features of the PCB.


    • NOTE: You can order RJ45 to Dreamcast Controller Cable from our website directly, or you can use it if you have one. Unfortunately it is not included in the package.


    • NOTE 2: OLED Screen is not included the packet. You have to buy it separately if you want to use it. 


    The Cosmetics of the PCB can change little bit on the final product. All functions will remain as they are. 

    Download USER MANUAL

  • FEDEX or Standard Shipping 

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